New in FiveReborn Scripting Dev

Hey Guys,
at first a great “hello” from Germany :slight_smile:
I’m new here and as an old developer of MTA:SA i got some questions from where to start my Project in FiveReborn :slight_smile:

At First I saw on some Servers that the normal environment (like Peds walking around, Wanted Level increase for “normal” crime, and so on) is active all time.
Is it possible to overwrite this stuff because i want to start with a “clear” Environment :slight_smile:

My next question is about the documentation of functions because when i have a look at the natives.lua there is a lot of functions.

And last but not least :wink: Is there any possibility of creating a GUI? Commands are sometimes not the best thing ^^

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I also read about MySQL Connection. Do I need a special Plugin for this?

Für ein MySQL Beispiel lädst du dir am besten das Freeroam Script im Release Bereich runter.

the mysql wont need any special scripts just the mysql server and then you use the db sql file thats included with the download if you use mysql server on your own comupter you need set the server to start with the computer otherwise you will have to start it manually

Okay Thank you i thought that you also need a mysql.dll file in order to use any of those functions :slight_smile:

And how about GUI?
m4a_X told me there is an option to use HTML creating an UI but How is it exactly loaded or better triggert by a function?

For Example the “i” button and the Inventory Window is open, this at first one of my personal goals :slight_smile: