[NEW] Hollywood Access | Whitelisted | Quality RP | Hiring EMS/Fire & LEO | Looking for Staff!

What is Hollywood Access?
It is a Whitelisted Quality Roleplay server. The server is ran by experienced Owners and Content Creator “WolfpackStudios”. Here at Hollywood Access our goals are to create the best rp experience for all members. The server is constantly being recorded on everything from Live Scenarios to Cinematic Film Making.

Why is it Whitelisted?
We Interview every member who joins to make sure they have an understanding of all the rules and guidelines, and to also confirm that they are mature enough and there microphone quality is decent.
We want to filter those here for shits and giggles and those interested in quality rp and consistent events and scenarios.

What are we looking for?

  • Law Enforcement/EMS (experienced) - Training will be Provided.

  • Staff

  • Developers {Experience with ESX, Custom Vehicle Skinning Experience}

  • Content Creators & Streamers

  • Quality Members

Why should you join our LEO?
We have several Custom EUP’s,and Ymaps. That make your time as an LEO more entertaining, Forensic Labs, Custom LEO Vehicles and just so much more!!
If you are an Active player interested in a possitive and entertaining experience this is definitly the job for you. Earn your way up the Ranks to gain fun perks!

Where can I join?