[New Gamemode] Paradox' Cops & Robbers

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently started development on my own unique gamemode called Paradox Cops & Robbers.

There are Shops and Police Departments scattered throughout the whole San Andreas.
Anyone can be either a Ruthless criminal or a Law Enforcement officer.

You require a specific “Rob Level” to rob specific shops, after you rob shops you will gain a wanted level and any online Law Enforcement officers will be notified of where the robbery took place.

This gamemode is still in its very early stages. I’m posting on this forum because I require any willing Beta Testers and any enthusiastic FiveM players who wants to give suggestions on how I can improve this concept.

There are also additional roles you can play as, such as a SWAT Officer or Black Ops Officer (these roles, however, requires approval based on your level)

I know there are a lot of Roleplay servers available on FiveM, but I’m trying to do something different here.
Reply on this post and I’ll provide a discord link for anyone who is interested in this idea/concept!

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!