New Day RP is very slow to get started in. Just keep that in mind when applying

It’s a very friendly community. I have had nothing but positive interactions with other role-players. Some are more open to engage with new players versus others. This can lead to some character development problems, and may inhibit your back-story from being fulfilled. I’m not going to knock New Day on that one, as it seems to be a common theme with FiveM. You’re either allowed to into a bubble of other well established players who have been around for 2 years, or you’re just simply going to find yourself rummaging/ransacking to pay bills because you simply don’t fit in. High-school/College groupie mentality is a common theme here.

Story-line progression is very slow. Slow to the point where you will wait weeks for anyone to contact you regarding employment or gang membership. Be aware of that. Again, not a knock. Just come with the expectation that once a whitelist opening has passed, there will be a lot of competition to get into these groups. If you don’t hear anything, you’ve simply been rejected and it might be time to find another community.

There are some server crashes that occur while scripts are being modified or added while in production. I know that the team has been investigating crashes that occur due to their changes, and it’s appreciated. Headaches are prevalent due to ill-optimized MLO’s and high concentrations of people in one area. If you have a weaker PC, expect some crashes to occur in certain areas of the map. Some people have experienced unresolved glitches with some of the TMC framework such as broken phones, which TMC drags their feet on to fix.

In all, just come with the expectation that there are lot of closed groups that do not accept new members, or consist of migrants from other communities like NoPixel who are restarting their RP in NDRP due to NP politics. Weeks or months of trust have to be gained through association of other players. If you enjoy that level of role-play and like the slow-grind, then this may be the place for you.


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