New copyright rule

I had a question about the new TOS update. If I pay a brand for permission to use it am I then allowed to use IRL brands inside of my Fivem server?

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Hi i hope you are having a good day
and about that question i tihnk technically if you do in fact pay the brand and you have a developt irl brand aproved i think there is not much of a problem

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If you have licenses to use the copyrighted material I’d assume so. Although, Rockstar coming in with all these corperate changes and rules is gonna kill what we all loved and called FiveM. Wish these guys didn’t sell out.


Per the TOS, you need permission from both Rockstar and the brand you want to license. Have one without the other is not enough.

As the post above stated, you must obtain explicit permission from both copyright holders before continuing.

Nothing has been changed. It’s always been against ToS when it comes to using branded anything in FiveM.

It has changed…Rockstar controls it now. Before people just brushed it off…now, Rockstar will just shut down your server. What comes with selling out? Strict rules and regulations.

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The ToS didn’t change, but the enforcing it did, but that doesn’t even matter. Whether R* had come along or not, you’d still be breaking ToS and IP laws.

It’s against the law to murder someone in real life, it’s enforced as much as it can be, but some still slip through. Does that mean it’s okay to do just because some people got away with it? Nope. Same goes for this. We had our fun under the radar and now we have to obey. Be an adult and deal with it or just go play RoBlox.


I was so happy when FiveM came out. It gave people freedom. Freedom to mod. Freedom to do more. Freedom to make GTA what it should have been since it came out.

I am now so sad to have known about the level of quality FiveM has achieved thanks to its community only a week ago, only to find out that its main developers have sold themselves and their own community out to the f-ing devil. RiP to all the man-hours in mods, adaptation of assets, etc. It’s crazy that Copyright for brands in video games is still a thing in 2023.

People will migrate to somewhere else if this is enforced.