[New Community] Nebula Community Roleplay

Who are we?
We are a new Menu-Based community looking for members to join! We are a group of inclusive people looking for people to join in for a good roleplay session. We are looking for people interested in Serious and Fun roleplay. Our current server cap is 32 but looking to expand as the community grows. We have plenty of positions open for staff, LEO, Fire, etc. as we are very new. We are looking forward to meeting your citizen and being a part of your character’s backstory in San Andreas.

Keep in mind we are a brand new server and many things are still in progress.

Here are some things we offer:

*Active staff
*Friendly Community
*Serious Roleplay
*Law Enforcement Departments to join
*Many opportunities to grow within the community
*Menu-Based Roleplay
*Down to earth members

We are actively looking for Staff, LEO, and civilians to join us and people interested in our future ventures.

Discord: Nebula Community Roleplay

We cannot wait to see you at Nebula Comunity Roleplay