New Chance RP

New Chance RP is a new server that is put together with all of my friends we created this server as a way to have fun with all of our friends we are looking for people in all departments including civilians we have a custom cad and a wide array of vehicles including police we also have custom peds and cars as well as spectacular addons to the environment.
*Server I.P address:
*Discord here
*New Chance Website *here are the rules of our server Golden Rule Treat others as you wish to be treated. Respect everyone!_
This includes:

  1. No racist comments and/or usernames.
  2. No sexist comments and/or usernames.
  3. Religiously intolerant comments and/or usernames.

Use common sense. Are your actions reasonable?
We do not allow RDM (Random Death Match) of any form or VDM (Vehicle Death Match).
What is considered RDM/VDM? They are very similar, only one involves a vehicle.
Shooting on sight without roleplay involvement.
Running someone over on sight without roleplay involvement.
Shooting someone in retaliation to a roleplay that didn’t go your way.
Running someone over in retaliation to a roleplay that didn’t go your way.
Sniping from afar. Sniper rifles are not allowed unless otherwise approved by staff.
Driving a vehicle into someone else’s without provocation.
Engagement of RP to the victim who then does not comply after being threatened or warned. Example- Person “A” says “Get on the ground (or out of the vehicle)! You have 5 seconds!” They stand there and do nothing. Bang not RDM. If they try to get in a vehicle they can be shot for trying to escape (RP reason established). Or they are already in a vehicle and begin to drive off and you are directly pointing your gun at them because you are in close range earshot bang not RDM.
Provocation and aggravation:
Person “A” tells Person “B” “You don’t have the guts to shoot me!” You have just directly engaged them in RP involving your own death and they may now act upon it. You should have just said “Leave me alone!” bang not RDM. “How about you just screw off!?” You have just provoked and aggravated a person who can now kill you for RP reasons.
With this said, you MUST value your life. If you have a gun pointed at you, and you pull a gun out of your butt and fire back, it is considered fail role play. You must also value your freedom. You shouldn’t be running from the police for small crimes. You may evade for warrants, drug crimes shootings etc.

  • Don’t cheat. Nobody likes a cheater. If you have advantages/menus that others clearly don’t have, DON’T USE THEM! This includes “godmode” “no ragdoll” or “motorcycle seatbelt”.

  • No cop baiting (intentionally trying to be pulled over). This is not only annoying to law enforcement on the server, but also unrealistic.

  • No teleporting. Only reason for a teleport should be to get to the role play area. DO NOT teleport to someone to get to the roleplay area unless you have that players permission.

  • No clipping is also not allowed unless used by staff for server supervision.

  • Being outside of the area of play (AOP) is not allowed unless you are involved in a 10-80 (vehicle pursuit). With that said, take advantage of this within reason.

  • No unrealistic driving of any kind.
    Would you drive that vehicle there?
    Would you drive that fast on that terrain?
    Would you jump that vehicle off of that hill?
    Many other circumstances, use common sense.

  • Do not interfere with other players’ roleplay scenarios.

  • Do not spawn multiple objects. This includes any other actions that affect all connected clients. This also includes “d/v’ing” the vehicles you are no longer using. Multiple spawned objects puts stress on the server and other clients.

  • Do not leave the server and come back to avoid punishments such as hospitalization or imprisonment.

  • No explosives of any kind will be used unless authorized by an admin.

  • Speeds exceeding 160mph are not allowed.

  • No “arena war” vehicles or monster trucks. The tron motorcycle is not allowed, and that includes the tron uniform.

  • A mic is required to play on this server.

  • Do not ear rape. If you use anything other than your voice, it is not allowed.

  • Do not complain about server punishments such as kicks/bans. You may appeal such things within the Discord.

  • Bullet proof tires are not allowed on any vehicles in the server.

  • Be creative with your role play scenarios. Doing robberies/hostage situations over and over gets old for everyone!

First Responders and Imprisonment:

  • The only reason a law enforcement officer should run over or hit someone with their vehicle is if they feel their life or someone elses life is in danger.
  • Motorcycles will not be “PITed”. See above rule for “PITing” motorcyclists.
  • Law enforcement will not intentionally perform a “PIT” maneuver prior to 10 minutes into the pursuit.
  • All server rules apply to first responders.
  • If you are on duty, you must be in RTO on Discord.
  • To arrest someone, you must have evidence. Arresting someone on a hunch isn’t allowed. Think of the lawsuits!
  • Law enforcement must uncuff suspects before sending them to jail. This causes script issues if you don’t.
  • First responders must follow their departments vehicle structure and uniform structure.
  • Do not run while cuffed if you are within 5 feet of a law enforcement officer. This is unrealistic.
  • Do not complain of the time you are imprisoned. If the time exceeds 100 minutes notify an admin.
  • Law enforcement helicopters are not allowed to use thermals to count players within a building.
  • First responders may disregard any role play scenario.
  • As a first responder on this server, you are allowed to be a member of another server. Being a first responder on another server is at staffs discretion, however. Please speak to administration if you wish to be a member of multiple servers.

Misc. Other Rules

  • “Super” vehicles are not allowed to drive on terrains other than pavement. This includes during law enforcement pursuits.
  • Colored “Xenon” headlights are not allowed period.
  • Do not pull firearms other than handguns out of your bum. - - Grab them from where they would be stored.
  • Do not shoot through “cover” such as walls/barriers.
  • Hitman RP will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  • You are not our “Lord and Savior”. Do not role play as Jesus Christ.
  • Gruppe 6 is a security agency, not a law enforcement agency. When you detain someone, it is considered “citizen’s arrest”. You cannot role play as a law enforcement officer simply because you have a car with lights.
  • You don’t own the air field.

Priority/Peacetime Rules

  • Keep an eye on your screen. If there is a priority going on, or one just happened… Wait to start another priority.
  • No more than one priority will be allowed. Subject to change depending on server staffing level.
  • Firing a weapon while there is a priority or while one had just happened is not allowed. Same goes to murdering your fellow players.
  • Stealing first responder vehicles is only allowed if you are the one involved in the current priority. Otherwise, stay out.
  • Priorities range from pursuits to murder. If it takes more than 3 cops from other areas, it is a priority. Another one of those common sense rules!

Staff Rules

  • Staff will always follow the above rules.
  • Please do not harass the staff team.
  • Staff are allowed to hide their identity from other players, and are allowed to have a red in color name.
  • Do not treat staff like you do your parents. If one says no, don’t go behind their back and go admin to admin looking for the answer you desire.
    The Most Important Rule of All

Have fun!
I am Sheriff J.Henry for the Sheriff Department and I want to be the first one to welcome you to your New Chance

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This discord server is junk i was on it for the first time not only does the server lag but the owners are rude and disrepectful. They def don’t know how 2 run a server just saying. if u put a app in for Sheriff you will wait forever for a response. Honestly there power hungry.

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I am unsure of the the claim you are making for one about everyone on the server being rude and disrespectful because i can see who gets ban and stuff and as for the sheriff application I know for sure u didn’t turn in one because I look at the applications myself because im the head of sheriff and i didn’t see any applications from you

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