Nevada County Roleplay

NCRP is a newly established FivePD based server with new unique features that is different than any other server. We are constantly working to grow our community to become one of the best FivePD server in the world! The server is a way to come together and create a unbelievable experience based on extensive research, training, and real world emergency service personel. We, the NCRP Staff, are dedicated to our responsibilities and work hard everyday to make your experience here at NCRP memorable and become apart of our expanding family. Welcome to NCRP!

What We Offer At NCRP

➤ Fun and interactive events/scenes
➤ Supportive and active staff
➤ A kind, friendly, and growing community



NOTE: All Departments require an Application to rank up.

What we are looking for

➤ New members who play fivem
➤ FiveM and Discord Staff
➤ People for our departments
➤ 15+ Age Requirement

On behalf of me to you, we welcome you to our community

  • The NCRP Team!

Come join us in the fun!!

Discord Invite: Nevada County RP

The invite link has expired… kindly send me new invite link to join

Which one. The discord invite?

Yee, kindly resend new invite to join

Its Nevada County RP Thanks for letting us know it’s not working and we’ll get to fixing it!