Network leak due to msgPackedClones

Hello, i’m currently on fivem server but we have pl in zone cause of msgPackedClones at more than 2 000 000b.

Nework Metrics:

Network Drilldown Record (in zone)

Network Drilldown Record (outside zone)


Also in the onesync log file it seems the HandleCloneUpdate spams “unknown object” & “couldn’t create object” for 2 objects only in this “onesync” zone


Im also having the same problem in certain areas of the map, have you found a way to diagnose and fix this?


This happens when you have too many entities in one area, networked peds, objects, and vehicles each have a limit (sadly I cannot remember them off the top of my head).

If you go over this limit the entity can’t be created and the server will try to resend it because the client never ack’d the creation. This has been a long standing bug and a few fixes were attempted but they always had regressions so they were rolled back.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: I created a command to check how many entities and network entities exist in my pool, but it dont seems a lot different from areas that are fine. Im trying to find out if it can be caused by the server spawning entities server side with bugged or missing models, but I didnt find a clear path to debug it
Here is the output from my command to check entities in the pool in the most affected area: