Need Staff?

Hello, everyone. My name is Kyle and I’m searching if any servers need any active staff and possibly an LEO. Been an LEO for over 3 months and became Assistant Chief of Police! Would love to talk to other developers out there as well that are in need of any active staff, willing to put in full time for it. I bring serious RP to cities I join, and I would love to find another city to call home. My discord is Spawn#7433

Come interview here at Gang Haven Role Play, We are a serious RP, QBCORE based server

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Hello, we are actively looking for Administration, Management and Law Enforcement positions. Looking forward to hearing back from you


If you’re still looking for a community to join, check out FreshStart Roleplay! We are run by two, Long-Term Experienced FiveM Members with backgrounds in communities such as DoJRP.

Join our discord here and we can get you started: FreshStart Roleplay Fan Server