Need Help With vMenu & Permissions!

Hello, I am currently developing a vMenu Server with a friend! It is our first time making a vMenu server and we have stumped across a issue.

When setting up vMenu Permissions and such we noticed that we could disable stuff like Weapons/Vehicles/Peds and such but we had one issue, Admin sided stuff like World Options (Time Options, Weather Options, Ban/Temp-Ban Kick/Warn/Mute) Where all things a average player could do for some reason, It would basically make them a Admin at that point.

But even when disabling Admin stuff they still had access to those admin rights, All we could disable where the Menus & Categories.

After awhile we discovered a option in the permission.cfg file called setr vmenu_use_permissions true/false, Setting this option to true would make it so that permissions where still available and you could properly edit the config and remove stuff like Weapons/Cars/Peds but it would give them something like Admin Privilege’s.

Setting this option to False would make it so they where just a normal player with no admin rights but then it would ignore all permissions.

This has really confused me for the past while and we still can’t figure this out, We are using Ace Permissions for our vMenu config.

Vmenu Version: v3.5.0
OS: Windows 10 Pro

Here is my permissions file.
permissions.cfg (27.8 KB)

(Also for anyone commenting saying stuff like if I set the directory correct or if I set my config loader in the config and if it was before the start vMenu, I have already checked the install guide and official documentation and I have done it all correctly)

I have fixed the issue!
To anyone else who has this issue where everyone will get admin perms just set your setr vmenu_use_permissions true/false to true at the end and add # to the start of anything you don’t want anyone to have access too, It is a issue with some server where group.admin and group.moderator will be recognized as everyone or something similar to that, So you will just need to remove the perms from group.admin and group.moderator.
But do not remove the groups group.admin or group.moderator

Other groups that you self create will still work though :slight_smile: