Need help to add cars WITHOUT CRASHING

I have already checked multiple tutorials on how to add cars. I have the resource folder, stream and resource.lua within it, and my cars in the stream. The folder is already in the auto-start resources. For some cars, I try to spawn them and my game crashed. With others, I try to spawn them and it is still the same default/original cars. Anybody know how to make this work right?

Thank you,

Are you adding on vehicles or replacing default ones?

If adding on, you need to modify an entry in your vehicles.meta to include the vehicle name. Same goes for carvariations.meta but I don’t think that one is required. You may also need a modified gameconfig.xml to allow additional vehicles.

Every tutorial I see on here is a bit confusing to add addon cars. Is there a way that you could help me? It seems like you know what you are doing.

[How-To] Convert Vehicle Add-On to FiveReborn resource we all did it with this tut

What about it don’t you understand?

It gets very confusing like halfway through to me, I’m more of a visual learner.

And you advertise a server before you’re able to stream a addon?

I don’t see an issue with that.