[Need help] About stealth kills

Hello guys maybe someone could help me. I was wondering if anyone know how to disable stealth kill, for example when you have weapon_switchblade you can do stealth kill which kills the person with one hit is it possible to turn it off?

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t know how the this Native works, but she might do what you want RemoveStealthKill()


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Could you help me to implement it to lua? like where i put this and what is that p1?
hash --[[ Hash ]],
p1 --[[ boolean ]]

	-538741184--[[ Hash of switchblade]], 
	p1 --[[ boolean ]]

The documentation doesn’t specify what is p1, I would put it to true (if it doesn’t work then try it with false x) ) .

You can put
RemoveStealthKill(-538741184 , true)
At the beginning of any client script file, the better would be one that as more global features (would be more logical). In the client script of your hud, or in a resource that already modify weapons attributes for example.

Thank you for your answers, but it doesn’t do anything :frowning: