Need For Speed : Most Wanted Inspired. Racing Blacklist

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BBV X WORLD | BLACKLIST is inspired by Need For Speed blacklist styled races, the resource is highly configurable (you can change almost everything + create your own races). The resource can be used as STANDALONE or with QB/ESX | QB/OX/BT target.

Features & Info :

  1. There are 10 races that you need to win, all races are configurable (CheckPoints,NPC Speed,Police,Flares or even the entire track).
  2. Your original finish times are saved an can be easily previewed from one of the NPC’s. Preview Image
  3. Leaderboard where players can compete. Preview Image
  4. You can preview maps before starting the race.
  5. Highly Configurable, Preview - Main Config | Preview - Race Config | Preview - Lang Config
  6. Option to replay races after winning the blacklist so you can compete in the leaderboard.
  7. Rewards - You can rewards your players with money for every win (configurable)
  8. Standalone & Easy to install - works on any server !
    and much more !

Preview All Images - Preview

Race Gameplay Preview 1 - Link to video

Race Gameplay Preview 2 - Link to video

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Code is accessible Yes & No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 10000+
Requirements None
Support Yes

love it!


The player bio pic looks like the old PS2 graphics lol. Love it


Hi, This is AI driving or just recorded position player coords?

I’m curious how it looks when u creating new race :stuck_out_tongue:

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So yeah i bought script and this is pre-recorded player, but still racing is exciting and brings nice vibe from NFS, totally worthy money

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