Natives website rework

There is an open-source project that allows you to view GTA5/RDR3 natives:

This website is very cool and much better than the current one. There is some work to do: the website reads natives from a JSON file. Some work is needed to read the current MD files, add Lua definitions, and support Markdown, I guess?

Here is the render with CFX natives (in the settings, you need to enable FiveM as a source or else it won’t work):


  • Better UI experience
  • RDR3 native documentation
  • We can filter natives (namespace, gamebuild)
  • The project is fully open source (GitHub - DottieDot/GTAV-NativeDB)

Although dotindustries natives are very nice, I don’t think using this would solve any of FiveM’s doc woes.

The only major difference between FiveM docs and dotindustries is the fact that FiveMs doca are 2-3 years out of date