Native Headbands 2 - update now includes a new streamed Headdress

Native Headbands 2 features 6 Brand new Native Headdresses for you to wear if you enjoy roleplaying as a native in Redm ,

these can be created as items for both the Redemrp and Vorp Framework :slight_smile:

or use commands , entirely up to you - these can be turned off in the config

tebex - Macabre Redm | Native Headbands 2 (

watch the video here - Macabre Redm - Native Headbands 2 - YouTube

also features a streamed headdress -


| Code is accessible Yes
| Subscription-based No
| Lines (approximately) 800+
| Requirements Vorp or Redemrp framework
| Support Yes

Macabre100 isnt in the pack.

the streamed asset isnt included in the ultimate packs