Name change feature not working

The FiveM main portal includes a ‘settings’ tab. In this ‘settings’ tab, users are able to change their username to what they prefer rather than having their Steam name used.

However, entering any name there and pressing Enter does not appear to give any kind of confirmation that the name change was successful. It is no surprise therefore that the name changing feature does not seem to work and does not actually change the user’s in-game name to the one entered.

I hope this is fixed in one of the next updates, as it is rather impractical for me to constantly change my Steam name to the desired one when playing FiveM.

Thanks and keep up the great work on the project!


They have stated in the discord that they will be removing that feature for steam users.

no, this wasn’t ever the intent of the feature, it showing up for Steam users is a bug.

Ah, in that case a slightly different bug report than intended :wink:

It would be amazing if you could add it for steam users too, though. It used to work fine before FiveM switched to the new interface design.

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