My weapon ammo always 250

Hello, I got a question that I am wondering, why my bullets limit only able to go up to 250 instead of 9999, and I have tried to refill it up to 9999, but once I re-login back into the server, it returns to 250, in that case, how can I solve it? Thank

Yo @happy_mars

You may have a script like (weapons.meta) thad blocking your clips

If it isn’t you can get to the weapons.meta yourself a bit and you can change the clip size of each weapon according to your needs you can allsow change a lot with it, for example reload time

Here is a file in your server you just have to start it in your cfg and then you can have fun changing things in the meta

You just must tho change the

 <ClipSize value="750" />

from the weapon :wink: (38.8 KB)

The file above is the meta of my Gta five files :wink:

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i well try , thank u to help me!!!

doesn’t work any other way ?