My server isnt showing on the list

my server isn’t showing it seemed to be running and all don’t know why it’s not there.

Sorry to say, but Id rather the old server list. We have no refresh button here, hate the look and on top of that lot of servers do not show up.
Please result to the old list till we get this right.


Just switch tabs, is it that hard for now?

… and a lot of people hated the old one.

and that’s a bug with the server files and the old one had the same issue.

Switching tabs did not feel as if it was refreshing the list to be honest. No need to defend a broken update.
Is it that hard to add a refresh button that works?

We appreciate the updates but really, taking feedback from us should be used to make things better not mock us.

He was suggesting a temporary work-around for (what I assume is) a temporary problem. And, I wouldn’t class an update that has one broken feature as a “broken update”, I’d call it an update with a broken feature…

It may not be hard per-se but, you have to keep in mind the developers are probably more focused on implementing more important features or fixing game-breaking bugs (I don’t even think they have many developers working on this project in the first place).

As far as I know, they do take in feedback from the users but you have to understand your “feedback” wasn’t very constructive. For example, you state you don’t like the look but, give no indication of what would look better or why you dislike the new look :frowning: .

“for now”. We’re working on fixing it but, you know, it’ll have to be tested internally as well?

Now, who’s the one mocking whom? We know there’s a missing refresh button, the rest of your post was wrong as well.

Well, it does refresh the list, sorry you feel like that.

The designer has a love for the Material Design guidelines…


Not related to the UI changes, if your server isn’t known to the backend it won’t show - simple as that.

Your server’s IP/port, please, so we can actually investigate rather than going on simply arguments? The whole UI debate isn’t related to this topic’s premise at all.

I have got a VPS and cant work out y my server isnt showing up in the server list. i have done the port forwarding on router and vps and i also have turned off the firewall and still isnt showing. Any help would be great