My Server and Copyright laws

Hi Everyone

I am making this post to have information regarding a problem I have so this morning i was hit with a msg from here and dc from a user that informed me that they are creating a server and are to release next week and they have asked me to change the name of the server. I informed them i have spent to much money on domains websites and custom police and hospitals and won’t be able to change since I’m to far working on the project since it started in 1 January 2021.
They informed me that they where gonna copyright infringe me on the name that honestly i don’t think it’s possible but since i have quite big streamers coming to stream on the launch of the server i can’t take that risk for my self or them so wondering if i will be having any problem with FiveM opening it anyways even thought they have informed me that they will be talking to FiveM about it.

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Unless you yourself have patented all of the content, there’s a very difficult situation at hand. For example, let’s say you names your server “Outcast: Cayo Survival”, many other servers with the name Outcast could come to you and demand you change it as it’s “too similar”.

What it sounds like, is that this individual has some hatred towards you and is trying to get back at you…

Never meet the guy My server called Atlas Roleplay his is called AtlasRP so I’m confused why he just msged me about it.

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Ah right, yeah this normally happens. He’s being ridiculous and petty, and he cannot sue you over a name. I’m pretty sure if you google Atlas companies and corporations, you’ll get a ton of results.

I wouldn’t worry about this dude. There are a lot of idiots out there. Block the dude and move on with your life. My server name is similar to another. I’m sure both the other owner and I know it. We are adults and we just do our own thing.

Just block and ignore the person. Just look on the server list for a server name then start to type that name in and you will see that there are DOZENS of servers with almost identical names.

We had a kid try telling us he has CR a characters name and we can’t use it when he was removed from the server.

Not possible to file copyright infringment and if it was, myself if I was a judge I would quickly give up on hope for society. Anyhow it isn’t possible and your safe from any petty no lives.

I know this is super late but in my opinion, anyone that creates a name or even documents for their servers such as SOP’s, Server Rules, etc cannot copyright anything and if they did it wouldn’t be legally binding for the simple reason that they themselves are playing on a game that is A. created by Rockstar games, B. is a Modified version of Rockstar Games, and C. Fivem is Owned by CFX who is now partnered with Rockstar games. Unless they plan on using the documents IRL for something not having to do with a platform owned basically by Rockstar, I don’t think anyone has a case period. Copyrights are made to protect original ideas and content. Coming up with a name on a platform that already uses another companies original content (game) isn’t an original idea. It’s a piggyback. That’s just my way of thinking. I could be wrong.