My game is not counting hours anymore (Source SDK Base 2007) after reinstalling it

Hello, my game is not counting hours anymore, does anyone know why? I reinstalled it a few weeks ago and since then it has not counted hours. I reinstalled it because of the FiveM Server problems in late october.

Edit 23-11-2022: I tried installing Source SDK Base 2007 but it counted hours on that but not on FiveM? Does anyone know how to fix it or has found out some solutions, please let me know that will be appreciated. :grinning:(And let me know if you have the same problem​:+1:)

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What do you mean “not counting hours anymore”. Please provide evidence of the issue directly, so users understand what you are asking.

It stopped counting hours in Steam?

Ah okay, to clarify, the issue currently is that your Steam application is no longer counting time played when running FiveM for the Source SDK Base 2007 tool. Looking through Steam articles, I’ve found this: which references logging out of Steam entirely on the computer with the issue, and logging back in, not just exiting Steam and restarting, but fully logging out and back in.

Some users report having to log out of ALL instances of Steam. Mobile app, desktop app, as well as browser instances.

Yeah this is happening to me as well, hours just not counting accurately on steam, they are going up like 1 hour for every 50 hours of playtime, very strange lol

Might be a good idea to ask ‘Steam’ about this. It’s likely the case that when switching to play on a server some state changes that makes their counter stop counting, and it’s only tracking main menu time as a result.

That’s odd