My FxServer Crash after Artifacts update | Need Help

Hey i need help for my FXserver.
(critical update 4405 ➤ 5181)

If I update into a higher version the Server crash after loading all scripts

My Log:

FXServer crashed.
A dump can be found at/alpine/opt/cfx-server/crashes/fb558802-59e8-4b40-825266a1-0b4c8461.dmp.
Crash report ID: d074b0a9-cb1d-43aa-b00d-4a9b6dd3efd1
[txAdmin:FXRunner] >> [12793] FXServer Exited.
[txAdmin:FXRunner] >> [12793] FXServer Closed. (code null)

please help me to find out the problem. Here is the DMP file:
fb558802-59e8-4b40-825266a1-0b4c8461.dmp (2.7 MB)

After debugging i found this part but i dont know what this is:

[0x0] libcitizen_scripting_mono + 0x2551b6

was an script error

In case anyone else asks, what script was causing this?

I forgot to insert the sql tables from a script