My AWS Server Gives Failed to Fetch Info on Client Side

I have created an instance on Amazon AWS with basic configurations and then I have installed all the files and configures my Fivem server.

Now when I start connecting to my server it fails on the download section. The following error occurs.

“Failed to fetch info from server”

I have configured my firewall to allow inbound and outbound connections to 30120 Port.

Further I have configured my security groups to allow Inbound connects to using TCP protocol to the port 30120.

Outbound connections are already allowing All traffic.

I have also checked http://server IP:30120/info.json and http://localhost:30120/info.json.
Both result the same json file content.

Are you only getting this error on your AWS Service or all servers?

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It was coming only on AWS Instance bro.

But the issue is solved now, Finally :blush:

The main cause which I figured out was not opening UDP Ports for 30120…

When I opened UDP ports the issue is gone and I am able to connect.

And really thanks for taking your time and giving me a reply here.

Well I’m glad you got it sorted out either way!