Mumble-voip is Broken

Hi their,

Im having trouble with mumble-voip.
i put it in the server and config and it has NO resource errors.

its says at the bottom right:

[Mumble] Initialising
[Warning] Not connected to mumble

any ideas?


Hmmm you got onesync on?

not sure. will that be a problem

Yes i’m pretty sure u need to have onesync on, in order for mumble to work, correct my if i am wrong. nevertheless worth a try :slight_smile:

can you send me the git download link?

i checked and you dont need Onesync for mumble-voip to work

what do you mean?

is your in game voice chat enabled? this includes having a working mic. This can be seen in the GTA Settings

yes it is

the problem is with everyone

does localhost server also have onesync? or

I had the same problem if the server does not start with the FXSERVER it did not work but if I started it with the .bat if it worked probe with old versions and it was solved