Mumble - Multiple "Root" channels being created


Using canary? No

Windows version: Windows 10 - Version 2004

System specifications: Client 1 (My PC - located in EU (West)), Client 2 (My Secondary PC on the same network) and Client 3 located in NA (East).


Operating system: Windows Server and Windows Home (both tested)

Artifact version: 2745

IP address: N/A

Resources: cfx-server-data resources and a ‘test’ resource to quickly teleport all the clients to the same place. (check “Files for repro”)

System specifications: Tested on “Client 1” as well as a dedicated server with these specifications.


Summary: Yesterday I mentioned that my friend and I were having some issues with the Mumble voice chat upon joining the server in this message here, posted in the FiveM discord guild. At that point I hadn’t done much investigation into the issue, and I figured if I get could some more information on it, it would be easier to pinpoint exactly what’s causing this.

Expected behavior: Upon joining the server, the Mumble voice chat should be working from the start, without requiring the clients to reenable their voice chats in their settings in order to start hearing each other.

Actual behavior: In order to use the voice chat and hear other people, some clients will have to reenable their voice chat in the settings.

Steps to reproduce: I was able to consistently reproduce this issue on two hosts. I used the latest artifact version (2745), with the default cfx-server-data resources and just a simple ‘test’ resource as already mentioned. The issue I believe lies with multiple “Root” channels being created and entered, meanwhile there’s only meant to be one.

It seems that it would only happen when the ping was above 125 and/or the packet loss was above 0% on the client. This screenshot is from “Client 3” which is who was entering the secondary “Root” channel on my locally hosted server on Client 1, meanwhile Client 1 and Client 2 was entering the ‘primary’ root channel without issues while being able to hear each other.

On the dedicated server hosted remotely, both Client 1 and Client 3 were put into the primary root channel (here both of these clients were below 125 ping and with 0% packet loss), meanwhile a 4th client with 200-300 ping and 1-3% packet loss was put into the secondary channel again.

Server/Client? Unsure, both?

Files for repro (if any): This is the full server layout with the ‘server’ folder emptied, the cfx-server-data resources removed as well as any private keys.

Error screenshot (if any): Here you can see the Mumble server after connecting to it, seeing that it has created two “Root” channels. Once both clients reenable their voice chat, they reunite inside of just one root channel and the voice chat starts to work again.

.dmp files/report IDs: N/A

Any additional info: Another thing I noticed is that channels created through MumbleCreateChannel will not appear until both clients have reunited in one root channel. (See the “Error screenshots”)

For the server hosted on Client 1, we used Hamachi to let Client 3 connect to the server.


Should be fixed as of the following commit: