MT Restaurants | Advanced restaurants script for Fivem | Multiple restaurants | Recipes creation

MT Restaurants
Tired of having a lot of resources for each restaurant on your server?
With MT Restaurants you can solve that easily, with a lot of features, creation of recipes ingame and option to configure to any MLO you want with any job you want.

MT Restaurants is an advanced restaurants script with a lot of features integrated with the possibility to disable any of that features and create as many restaurants as you want with only the features that you want!




  • ox_inventory or qb-inventory;
  • ox_target or qb-target (can be edited);
  • qbx_core, qb-core or es_extended;
  • qb-management, Renewed-Banking or qb-banking (can be edited);
  • qbx_management, qb-management or esx_society (can be edited);
  • ox_lib.
    The script is mainly made to work with ox_inventory and it’s the most advisable inventory to use with this otherwise you’ll not have the best usage of the script features!!
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) around 1900 (server and client)
Requirements ox_target or qb-target, ox_inventory or qb-inventory, ox_lib
Support Yes

Quasar inventory support?

Added today but like it’s at script description you’ll not be able to use all the script features, in this case the item image and label will not change based on the food image or label but you’ll be able to eat the food normally and etc…

Any chance of adding QS Inventory support?

Just saw the post right above this sorry. I’m curious though, if its only lacking the image and label then it would just be one additional step to add the items image and description into QS Inventory and that in theory should fix that issue, right?

No, the script changed the image and label of the food item on creating new recipes and with qs-inventory that’s not possible.

You can always set a default image and label and that’ll be your food item for every item


  • Fix at offline shop peds not really dispawning;
  • Cleaned some code;
  • Added compability to codem-inventory;
  • Fixed some integrations with ESX;
  • Fixed the issue at delivery not being possible to deliver not stacked items;
  • Added qs-inventory support;
  • Now entering and exiting restaurants zone will toggle your duty (this is made since the yesterday update!);
  • Fixed the food label when making some food at the stations;
  • Fixed the registers sometimes not giving the players and giving an error back;
  • Added interact support;
  • Removed useless print when entering zones.

Remember that with qs-inventory, codem-inventory or any other inventory than ox_inventory you’ll not have the best usage of the script features and the items images and labels will not change!!!


  • Fixed error on registers;
  • Reworked the chairs to when you cancel the anim with outside script it’ll not cancel the anim;
  • Fixed drive thru sound in all players;
  • Fixed the eating time;
  • Now every player can pick menus;
  • Fixed esx_society not registered;
  • Reworded the offline shops peds spawn:
    • Better optimization;
    • Better sync;

really wish the images can work for qs-inventory,would make the script legendary,its a very nice script dont get me wrong,just sucks that the images doesnt work for qs-inventory

I just contacted Quasar and that’s being fixed by him, not on my end atm

good to hear,hope itll work soon