MS Garages (Jobs , Public) [Paid]

How It Works?
You can create garages from config garages can set to every job you have in your server and there is public garage can be made the player can see his own vehicles in it and can spawn his vehicle and for the job garage player need to have the job to open the garage and you can set vehicles for every rank like vehicles for recruit and vehicles for officer in the next update will have a private garages for players to buy and houses garages you can edit every thing about the garage or vehicles or blip from the config file

  • Next Update: Private House Garages


Add Garage

	['4'] = {
		Pos   = { x = 292.79, y = -611.25, z = 43.38 }, -- Garage Pos
		Blip  = true, -- Set it to false if you dont want blip for garage
		Name  = "EMS Garage", -- garage name for blip
		Job  = "ambulance", -- the job player need to open garage
		Public = false, -- set it to false if its job garage and true for public garage
		Vehicles = {
		{model = "ambulance" , rank = "ambulance" , name = "Ambulance"}, -- model - the model name // rank - the rank player need to see the vehicle and spawn it // name - the name display in the garage menu
		Spawnpoint = { x = 292.79, y = -611.25, z = 43.38 , h = 70.47}, -- vehicle spawn location
		Image = "https://wafddf.jpg", -- garage image 




Looks nice !

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im having trouble with the script so when i click g on public garage it opens but i cannot click to get car out, also cant close the menu

Send me your error in message

same problem did u fix?

So, I made the mistake of buying this. First of all, nothing shows up in the UI. No vehicles and no image other than that stock garage one.

So I open the code to see if I can figure out what is going on and it is just the sloppiest mess I’ve ever seen in my life. No tabbing or proper spacing, just crap that I now have to clean up before I can even attempt to see if I can fix this broken script.

Wasted 15 bucks.

After cleaning up the code so I could see what the heck was going on. Removed the need for a rank and bam, all good.

its not my problem that your esx verison job ranks is broken all the issues fixed and no one has issue

Funny how all of my other resources that looks at job ranks are working just fine. That’s ok though, was any easy fix including adding some simple code to remove markers for people without the right job. Not too sure why you didn’t bother with that. Laziness I guess, just like not properly formatting your code.

All good though, enjoy your coffee and donut with that 15.00 bucks. I will retract my previous statement of saying it was a waste, it’s not. At least not for those that can fix broken scripts.

Other players cannot see vehicles???

send me your problem in message


So players take out vehicles from garage and they cannot see eachothers cars, so on their screen that player is just floating in mid air. No errors or anything very weird.Image below:

look on dms

same issue

same issue here. if you figured out the issue, please post the fix so we can fix your script.