MP Female Custom Ped Save (Solara) [ FiveM Ready | Menyoo ]

Solara - Version 1.0

This is my MP Female Ped that I used for my many many hours in roleplaying on FiveM. It is my MP Female with heavy customization.

File Information:
I have included two versions of Solara,
The first version has brown hair and no tattoos (To suit the liking of most)
The second version has red hair and sleeve tattoos (My Personal Favorite)

User Editing for personal Use
You may edit either to your liking through a trainer. I recommend Menyoo or Simple Trainer. However, do note that Simple Trainer and Menyoo peds are saved differently, and transferring a save from one mod menu to the other can be problematic (tattoos don’t transfer, skin color changes, etc.)

Single Player Installation:
You will need to use the Menyoo Trainer to load the file. Once you have it installed, you can install the file by placing the “solara.xml” file from the zip into | Grand Theft Auto > Plugins > Menyoo Stuff > Outfits | which can be found in your plugins folder alongside Menyoo.asi

FiveM Installation
If you use FiveM, go to | FiveM App Data > Cache > Sub-process > menyoo stuff | and place the XML in the outfits folder.

Other Information:
There are plenty of custom MP Female clothing mods out there if you wish to take things further… The hair you see in the screenshots is not mine, but rather a selection from another mod uploaded on this site.

@-Creations- for the Cop Top that everyone loves
@Ultimate for the leggings and a few tops
@serskyamn for the hair style I used in the photos.


Looks nice! I don’t get to see many peds released on FiveM.

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this server side would be nice

i need scripthook in Fivem?

how is this fivem ready

Because all the server needs to have is scripthook. There are still many servers out there with this enabled and if you have that and menyoo it is easy to use the mod. Simply install menyoo, download the mod, and put the files into the outfits folder within “menyoo stuff.”

Thank You, My Female People In My Server Love It

No you will not

Glad to hear! Mind me asking which community your from? Might swing by.

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Just an artistic photo I made with the character!

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is this server sided? Where can i find female skin/non grandma faces for players to play in a fivem server?

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No, it’s client sided.