Mouse stuck in middle of screen [MAIN SCREEN]

Hello. I am trying to connect to servers on the FiveM main screen, but however the mouse to use to connect to those server is stuck in the middle. I tried everything to resolve the issue, but it is still not working. I hope someone could fix my issue. Thanks.

Same problem here. I hope any solution will be released soon…

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Same happening with me. Happens after the update. Already reinstalled GTA V and Five M but the problem persist.

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Same for me, impossible to connect to any servers. :confused:


Same problem, as if the mouse is a joystick and it always comes back to the center.

TEMPORARY SOLUTION: After a lot of try’s i got my cursor working fine back in FiveM. The problem is: In FiveM GTA V the cursor mode shows in Window Mode. (Dont work you changing in your GTA V)
So, if i cant enjoy in server how i change this?

In my case, i let the game in window mode, with TAB i select “SERVERS”, then in server browser i click(with the mouse stuck) with right button(will appear Connect or add to favorites); Here is the “hard” time. You need to drop your cursor to the windows bar and click. When you do this will “activate” the Windows Cursor, but in FiveM it will move the program cursor. So you click in “Connect”.

After connecting in the server, go in GTA Mouse settings and put in mouse Raw input(you will see it in Window mode) again.

Sorry my bad english, i hope this can help you guys and maybe someone who have this problem in future.


Same issue, continues to stay in middle of Five M home screen. The right click on servers didn’t work either, anyone please help.

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The issue is that the mouse input method selected is “windows” not sure why FiveM doesn’t like that option but if you’re in windowed mode you can Alt+Tab out and hover over anything you want in FiveM without being in said window and still be able to click on something. Just be sure to Alt+Tab over and over after each click.


Go Into Mouse Settings On Gta & Use “Raw Input” that worked for me