More than 3 License keys in Keymaster

Hi, I’ve recently gone through all of my community’s servers and try to update the License keys.

The problem is as follows, we run a total of 4 servers at the moment and we plan on going to 6 in the near future.
Next to these 6 servers it is not uncommon for us to run special event servers, or a server which is run on the weekends.

As I understand it the keymaster is limited to 3 to prevent abuse, which makes sense however I’ve been a long time community member of FiveM and server owner (in my opinion) and would like to utilize more than the limit of 3 keys.

There seems to be a Wizard or Form where there is the ability to request more keys however it shows that I have no access to said page.

What is the best thing I could do in this situation? Thank you for your time.

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Most likely because you do not meet the requirements for the form itself. I myself just submitted one … I believe it says you must be a Pateron subscriber in order to use it.

is there a link to that form, I have a fivem server and a redm server so I ned four keys so I can run a main and demo server on both… so that is a total of 4 keys I only have 3 this is disappointing

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You can request for more keys from this page


  • Forum account must be older than 7 days
  • You must have an active Patreon pledge linked to your forum account
  • Keymaster must show at least 3 active keys that have been in use in the past 7 days
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not sure why but it is saying that “You are not permitted to access this wizard.”

Are you sure at the time you met all the requirements?