Mods.asi doesn't work

We can’t seem to get the mods.asi working on our server. When it’s in our files, we crash when we join the server. :frowning:
(We want to change the vehicle.meta/carvariations etc. in a mods map in our GTA V directory)

Can someone help us?:key:

@ZLNDFab what do you want to do? use a .asi file or add a car? and edit handing/vehicle meta?

We want to add handling and edit vehicle.meta so the cars in the server are working properly. but if we put mods.asi in our fivereborn plugins so he connects to the mods folder the launcher crashes while joining a server.

you don’t need and can’t huse mods.asi. do this:

Using OpenIV, I pulled the vehicles.meta from update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5

I pulled carvariations.meta from update/x64/dlcpacks/mpChristmas2/common/data

I then modified those files with the appropriate information for the vehicles I wanted to add into the game. (This step did not include adding the vehicle model data. That is streamed by the server)

I then placed the files in their appropriate locations within the fivereborn directory

Vehicles.meta goes in [Fivereborn Folder]/citizen/common/data/levels/gta5

Carvariations.meta goes in [Fivereborn Folder/citizen/dlc/dlc_mpChristmas2/common/data

Here is an example of how this works:

Say I want to add a vehicle. It’s called Tahoe. On the server side, I would create a folder and stream all the .ytd/ytf files. Make sure they are all named Tahoe.ytd/.ytf

On the client side: I would do as stated above. I would make sure that i entered data into the meta files and make sure that they all reference Tahoe.

thanks to @Crowmedic for charing this!

@ZLNDFab its not so easy but you will get the hang of it

I got the visualsettings to work. But they are way to bright. Even if I download another visualsettings. Help?

.meta files I don’t believe work server side

@KrizFrost no they can’t

USES THE WHOLE REDUX MOD…WITH NEW TEXTURES…reads post saying mods.asi don’t work… Drinks bleach