Modern Tow Truck Script | 0R-Towtruck



Daily limited number of missions and unlimited mission options

Fully Optimized

- Consumes 0.01ms in idle.

Easy Config (Detailed)

- You can easily adjust all the settings of the script via config.

Realistic vehicle towing

- You place the vehicle into the bed with the help of rope, and this process occurs sync for all players.

Realistic sounds

- Realistic sounds using natives(No need for an extra script!).

Call Tow Truck

  • You can typing /flatbed and call actively working truckers and have them rescue your stranded vehicle.


  • Support ox_target, qb-target and ox_lib!

  • Support ESX and QBCore (You can easily select it from the config file)


  • You will be charged according to your vehicle class, level and distance! (can be easily adjusted from config file)


  • You can set tow truck to a job!

  • Those who this job can earn money by towing NPC vehicles!

  • If you want, set it as a no job and everyone can do it.


- Ropes are fully sync.


  • You can add blacklist vehicles in flatbed.

  • Can be added to multiple locations.

  • Vehicles can spawn in multiple locations.




Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1200
Requirements ESX-QB
Support Yes

Nice script

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This is dope!!
Gonna swoop this soon, but slightly curious… Multijob support?

So like 2+ jobs can use the tablet, and do the jobs?

Or just one?

Cant wait to see how many have issues with this and its broken!

Buy the script and test it. If you find a mistake in the script, I will refund your money and I will also give you 2 scripts as a gift.

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If you were a handy person, you could make sure that all the scripts you purchased were installed and working properly. Please look for the problem yourself before criticizing it. If you are having a problem, open a ticket and let us help you.

If there is no response to tickets for more than 2 days, the ticket is automatically closed by the bot. Open a ticket again and tag me

Because you didn’t set up the car. Read me and there is a car link there. Go to that link and download the car. Your problem will be solved by starting

my issue has been resolved

I have also bought several scripts and we have to be fixed… in fact this last one, when I arrive to pick up the vehicle, does not say anything… nor does it go down the ramp.

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You should install the tool in the readme folder. You can open a ticket on Discord

I advise against using products from these people. I been in there discord for a while and have witness them talk to everyone like shit and always assume the customer is incorrect.

This tow truck script needed to be updated by them as the first release was broken. Now they have updated the script and it is mostly working, it is one of the worse performing scripts in my server. It is not hard to work out why after reviewing the code :rofl:

These guys need to talk to people with respect considering they sell such poorly optimized work!


Hello, it has been 1 week since the script was published. Errors have been fixed. The official value was supposed to be 0.00, but there may have been a problem in the code. We will fix the official problem in a short time.

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What happened to this then…

So “Buy the script and test it. If you find a mistake in the script, I will refund your money and I will also give you 2 scripts as a gift.” is untrue? I bought it…

Its like using ChatGPT for coding gone wrong with a mix of

Idk, works me for me. They updated it, helped me fix some issues a couple days after release. Think the high resmon was due to the testUI or something of that nature. I was trying to help navigate a way around it.

They also have helped me quite a bit with a few other scripts. Y’all wild’n out.

Like 10% of the scripts released on the forum are not released with a bug the first week.

FYI, it’s “source available”, no “open source” for the tebex listing you have :stuck_out_tongue:

You must not get the glitch where the cam for the tow truck interferes with a towed vehicle? Or the fact others have issues with stuff?

yeah script is broken and messy as hell, this guys are clowns with no idea what they are doing and there rude to everyone in there discord

they need to humble themselves and realize they have 0 skills