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Introducing our latest FiveM HUD script: a modern, sleek UI that redefines your server. It’s the ultimate upgrade for immersive gameplay with an integrated speedometer, customizable notifications, multiple features, and a stylish settings panel to manage HUD.

Features :star:

  • Supports QB and ESX frameworks

  • Modern Skew Style UI for enhanced aesthetics

  • Settings Panel: Manage every aspect of the HUD effortlessly

  • Customizable Indicators:

    • Health, Hunger, Thirst, Stress, Oxygen, Armour
    • Customize display on certain levels or opt for constant display of indicators
  • Modern Speedometer:

    • Display speed in mph and kph
    • Gear, Fuel, Nitro, Seatbelt, Engine Health, and Speed Limiter indicators
  • Inbuilt Notification System:

    • Detailed notifications with types: errors, success, and normal
    • DND Mode: Silence all notifications at will from the settings panel
  • Cinematic and FPS Modes for immersive gameplay

  • Inbuilt Stress System: Built for QB servers; configurable for ESX

  • On-screen Compass and Location Overlay for navigation

  • HUD Settings Persistence: Save and reset options as needed for a personalized experience

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