[MLO - SCRIPT] Pillbox Hospital - The new generation of Hospital

Patch 1.0.3c

+ Added and Fix

  • Dark exterior on entrance (on 3 other .ytyp)
  • LOD Light on parking deleted
  • Distance of MLO fixed
  • Distance LOD emissive deleted

Patch 1.0.3d

+ Fix

Hello, please in the next version, can u make a second entrance in the under floor with emergency room… can’t beliave that this hospital doesn’t have the emergency sector!

Hi, read description of Hospital plz.

sy, i have already read all the page and i cant find nothing about emergency sector, please can u tell me what i need to read :slight_smile:
There will be that sector of hospital that in my opinion is very important
thx a lot

U have all on my discord

oh thx… btw i cant read first aid sector hehehehe :slight_smile:
i’ll join your disc btw

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Some previews of next free update :

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now this, This in an respectable Hospital!
Very well done! Otherwise, wish it was on another location.

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Thank you so much !

I mapped to Pillbox because a lot of people like this place ^^

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are the Hospital 3D logos changeable/unlocked?

What logo ?

Patch 1.0.4

+ Added on : Scripts

  • The bed and perfusions now spawn directly into the hands of the player who spawned them. ( /bed1 : Spawn - /dvbed1 : Delete )
  • You can now lie down and get up from beds.
  • The key to get up and lie down is configurable in the configuration file.
  • You can lie down on the bed with the third eye.
  • All translations are now in the local files.
  • Infusions can be used by anyone, even if another player spawned them

Photos of next free update « Hospital V2.0 » with :

- New emergency floor
- More consultation room
- Garage
- Roof access
- Eye surgery room
- Pharmacy
- Intensive care unit

And more !

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heey when is the update for the v2???

Hi, all info on my discord.

Does IT come with an Emergency Room?

On v2