[MLO] Redline Performance - Tuner Shop

i bought still didnt get a download link

Hey send me an PM with transaction ID

Works like a charm. Everything in it is very well done and very detailed, no glitches or bugs with this map & run it in a 250+ resource server. Good placement, something different & our community loves it!


Hey Nice MLO but if you go in to the building you have massive framedrop from 70+ to 54 FPS can you fix that please :slight_smile:

hey, is strange. i don’t have this drops, the MLO is optimized, maybe you have something near that causes the drop?

its in your building if i enter the showroom

Outside :slight_smile:

Inside :frowning:

Inside Mechanico :slight_smile:

it says i can’t send you a private message, but i just paid. no download link

email me please [email protected]

Best garage out there IMO. Need some shirts to match!

This would be awesome if it didn’t cause animals, ambient NPC’s and gangs to not spawn at all. The only wildlife that shows up with this active is birds.

Is an easy fix, remove the line 7 at tunershop fxmanifest.lua

Map location?

old weazel news, its a dope map

It looks like this for me, any idea how to fix?

you did something wrong

@rfc_oliveira Will update emails go out or how are we supposed to get that update?

hey, i sent emails to everyone with update

mine does this too, loads low quality on the outside, randomly after restarting server, happens some some and not for others, any ideas there?

Hey, i dont know why this happen, try to clean fivem cache.

Optimeze yor Resources Maps ydr you have to big fiels