[MLO] Photo Studio


If you are looking for good MLOs with top performance, then LODStudios is the right place for you! We are also the only ones where the glass works at all, for example. You have fire or BZ gas in there then you don’t see it with us, but you don’t think it’s true, you’re welcome to check your MLOs, everyone will have this error and we are the only ones who have this fixed so far!



– extract and paste lodstudios_photostudio into the resources folder

– start lodstudios_photostudio in your server.cfg


  • New Place
  • Multiple rooms
  • custom props
  • High FPS
  • Working Glass
  • Dynamic lighting for different times of day

My Tebex: Tebex
Price: €30.00 +VAT
Showcase: Video


| Code is accessible | No |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Support | Yes|


nice MLO

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you already posted this one didnt you ?

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The creator is cfx name einfachflow
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