[MLO] [PAID] The Arctic


  1. “Go playing into a news area for grow your roleplay’s experience. .”

Preview: YOUTUBE
Tebex: TEBEX


  • The purchase process is done through Tebex, official partner of fivem, after the purchase you will have access to the files by connecting to keymaster in the Purchased assets tab, with the files in hand, start them.
  • We’re using the cfx team’s Asset Escrow, so you’ll have freedom to replace textures only.
  • Note that you need server version 4752 or above to use this resource.
  • molo modding are not responsible for purchases made with the wrong account.
  • Check my documentation

Technical description :

  • Optimised
  • Realistic collision
  • Lot of customs props
  • Interior made by scratch
  • Size : 173mb
  • Location : 4968.587, 13814.751, 8.194315
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) n/a
Requirements Last gamebuild
Support Yes/No

(For releases without code the not applicable fields can be written as N/A)


The Goatttt, luv from Ghost Studio <3

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How many YTDs is this? Just curious so we dont cross our YTD limit :slight_smile:

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There are no YTD :slight_smile:

theres a limit on how many ytds a server can have?

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Yes, shared between all asset types. I believe it’s 65000

We found that out the hard way, and now track all YTD, ydr, and Ymt files counts.

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oh damn thats crazy i didnt know that however getting 65000 all together is a bit difficult no? using the same textures/props would mean less ydr files etc

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Somethings wrong, you are charging a unique map and its not a sub like other map addons. The matrix is broken.

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After many request the artic is available on the subscription system !

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Its like a movie, damn I love it!!
Very good Job!


I really like it, i just think it’d be 10x better if it had interiors for the orange buildings at the sites to, it’s a little bare/underwhelming and the interior that is there feels very empty and more like space rather than the Artic… support was pretty damn rude to when reporting holes in the map etc, but we all have our bad days… This has potential though and i’m really looking forward to seeing where they go with this :slight_smile: :+1:

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The support was rude indeed & sorry :slight_smile: But i ear you because i’m making a update with news interior :slight_smile:

I have been watching your stream and i’m really glad you’ve listened to feedback :slight_smile: :+1:

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Very cool idea! Well done!

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Hi, First off just want to say the concept is awesome and i think it can bring a ton of RP to a lacking snowy part of the world for servers.

Id Just like to make some suggestions after buying noticed some strange things and design choices lol:

Airfield… SUPER short, hard to land any plane on it without slamming into either sides jetting hill - Additionally your tower runway beacons arnt centered and are super tall causing for a really hard pitch to even try to land.

Some of your water inlets look sissor precision cut, would be great to see these more jagged instead of clean cut.

The camps are cool, but could really use some more interiors. For example the orange huts with garage doors - cut those doors open and do a simple garage interior. Simple interiors go a long way with interactions and player happiness.

Photo 1/ For the airfield i ll upsize it
Photo2/ its not like this i dont understand what bug you have its strange.
Photo3/ Look my last reply i planning to make manys other interior.
1/ garage
2/ dormitory
3/ stockage

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Hi! Thank you for the response AND thank you for taking consideration into what i messaged :smiley:

I look forward to seeing updates come out for this. Its such a cool idea to give players a artic escape and do stuff off the main island!

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Arctic 1.2

Big update

Longer airfield

Adding multiples garages

Adding multiples stockage interior

Adding multiples dormitory

Adding more props on the labo

Available into your Keymaster :smiley:

Thank’s to everyone for your feedback, helping me to make a better experience


J’adore la mise à jour !

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Heya thanks for taking the feedback and adding the new interiors, i have gone ahead and picked up the map myself now, would it be possible in the future to add an expansion to the ice caves? :slight_smile:

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