[MLO] [PAID] Serial Killer Trailer

Serial Killer MLO

What the MLO Consists Of

  1. Small Interior
  • Semi Kitchen Set

  • Chair With Serial Killer’s Mothers Ashes

  • Bed With Trash Built Up

  • No Electric

  • Broken Tv Setup

Purchase Here: 2$ USD + Any Tebex Tax

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MLO looks okay but i mean 10$ is overpriced. I’d probably buy it for 5$ but just take it into consideration :slight_smile:

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Adjusted Price

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Honestly, people are asking way too much for MLO’s/assets anyways. I’ve seen 50 euro assets flying by, for maybe 50% more work than this.

5 euros seems fine for this, if you want some feedback, make it a bit more “home-y”, trailers usually have an interior floor :slight_smile:

ive set it to 2$ for everyone now as it was my first MLO and its just a homebuilt trailer the killer built is the lore behind it

That’s a great price! You’re reasonable! Hyped for your next maps