[MLO][PAID] Rising Sun Customs - Mechanic Workshop Fiv3Devs


Fiv3Devs presents RISING SUN CUSTOMS, a car shop/car workshop capable of giving the most complete roleplaying experience a mechanic can think of. Built right in the middle of the city, this MLO weights only 22 MB ! Your server’s performances will stay pristine! The outside has never been so pretty, we reworked all of it and decorated it with fitting themed decals and even a little sand zen garden ! The interior has all the comforts a mechanic/driver can think of, but, it’s also a business so you’ll be well suited for that as well. Show all of your custom cars in the showroom and take pride in your work! The unique turntable platforms will make everything look even more cool. This is a whole new level of roleplaying with cars, don’t miss out!

  • Customized exterior building and reworked ground
  • Custom interior building: mechanic room, car painting booth, corridor, bathrooms/changing room, recreative room, meeting room, stairs room, showroom, waiting room, boss room (100% handmade and original)
  • Custom furniture and props all around the MLO
  • Custom rotating platforms (NO SCRIPT! map implemented)
  • Custom texturing and materials
  • Custom changeable signs and logos (for rebranding)
  • Custom working LODs (for best optimization)
  • Custom optimized lighting system (to improve GPU performances)
  • Exterior signs are NVE compatible
  • Dyno Test platform

TEBEX: Fiv3Devs | Rising Sun Customs (tebex.io €42 + Tebex Tax)





Code is accessible Yes (ymap/ytyp/ytd/ymf)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Build 2189
Support Yes

This is sick


does this work with gabzv stuff? like the bank ?

yes, it does work with gabzv stuff

does this change the location by the airport too?

no it doesn’t