[MLO] [PAID] Drama Coffee | Del Perro

Drama Coffee | Del Perro

Drama Coffee, where you can warm your heart and have a pleasant time, has been purified from its old appearance, redesigned and its textures have been arranged.

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:shopping_cart: Tebex Store : Drama Coffee | Del Perro

Logo Design | ktsN


Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based No, one time
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Server Build b1604+
Support Yes, i have a discord server

Love it

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nice work.

ymap or mlo? what are the ybn if so? wondering if i got this, if i would have conflictions

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It was designed as MLO. The exterior and interior have been completely remodeled.

This is absolutely amazing

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what is the ybn? so i can see if i will have conflictions with other maps if you dont mind?

Awesome map!

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thanks man