[MLO] Mirror Park Tavern v2 (The Lost MC Edition)[Release]

This is a fairly old MLO of mine which has been used by many servers.
Located in North Mirror Park.

YouTube Showcase


Please Note:
If you have other MLO additions or mods around the area they will cause issues. To have them work together you will need to edit the .ybn and .ydr exterior files.



very nice my dude!

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Collisions aren’t correct. Can’t even walk into tavern.

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you have other edits in the area?

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Hey man, nice MLO - T he roof on the other hand needs looking at as you can fall through it. Just walk around on it and you swill see what i mean

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Anyone know how I can edit the following text?


very nice mlo

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looks very cool

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Nice work man, the boys in my city are frothing at this!

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So I have an MLO across the street - but as you mentioned, i could edit the collisions files… however, what program should I use for that?

3ds Max (I use 2016)


GIMS Evo plugin

Perfect - thanks!

I have been needing to get 3ds max for a while now anyways, guess now’s the time lol.

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no lags with this !

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Lost MC Font does not really fit the theme. Otherwise it was really good

Any chance of fixing this so that if you have other MLO’s in the area the collisions are correct? Also, any idea why this MLO takes up an entire block?

Did you ever edit it so the collisions are correct with having other MLO’s in the area?