[MLO] - Mirror Park Tavern | BrambiShop


[MAP] GTA V FIVEM MLO - Mirror Park Tavern | BrambiShop

Brambi Team: AleBrambi45 & Alby

  • Main Room with tables, chairs, and much more…
  • Room with billiards, fireplace and much more…
  • Illegal part downstairs with weapons, cells and much more…
  • Office for the Mirror Park Tavern manager.
  • 100% original customized internal structure (2 floor, 3 rooms)
  • Custom textures and PBR materials (most can be customized!)
  • Very light and optimized, only 25MB!

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZaSE9MfqMc
Tebex Store: https://brambi-shop.tebex.io/

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Code is accessible Yes (ymap/ytyp/ytd/ymf)
Subscription-based No
Requirements Server Version 2699 is required
Support Yes

Nice map

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Bring back love to mirror park. Nice work

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Awsome Tavern! Coming from someone who has lived in small towns, this hits home with the aesthetic of the interior.
Great spot for a business! Who doesnt get a bit thirsty in Los Santos?

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Very nice :+1:

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Thanks for your work on this map and hope you go with work like this on your futured MLO’s. A great opportunity to get some action around the mirrorpark. A bar, a torture room with jail and secret weapondealer storage. According the description and the video there are already many plans to integrate this MLO in many rp situations. According to your works before, this post, preview and description I’m waiting for your next release.

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@shark_gr :hearts:

@Elkcuu :hearts:

It looks amazing!! you’re the best bro keep it up

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I can only say it again and again, your work is incredibly awesome and well designed. There are only a few mappers who can deliver both interior and exterior with consistent quality. you are a master among them.

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Looks Good Something New For Roleplay

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Looks Good Man

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Love this. The Mirror Park area is one the areas that gets ignored in a lot of RP servers. The classic towny inn look is sweet. The speak-easy vibe of the secret room is really nice, as well.

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Something was missing at Mirror Park, I think it will soon no longer be great work as always, top mlo

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The map is truly incredible


@JessiCalypse :hearts:

@YtmfZeus :hearts:

@RedPhoenix604 :hearts:

@SharkyG :hearts:

@DecayUnplay1 :hearts: