[MLO] [MAP] Very Big benny's V2

Hello I release you my version of the benny’s version lowrider + exterior

Here is the preview video Very Big Benny’s - YouTube

Is it a free version

Conflit with gabz files ( lr_sc1_occl_02) you need to replace it with my version

You can edit as you see fit no file is locked
Just think of crediting me on it

Code is accessible Yes
Support Yes

Files : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yKv_MpJqWd5-NWq1gQy-Ya6FhB-8twR7/view?usp=sharing

My other stuff : https://mxaizen-map.tebex.io/


wow O.o thanks man :heart:

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having some issues with this map, hope you can help

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you have conflit with occlusion files check this on your serveur lr_sc1_occl_02

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got 4 maps with that exact file

My file is compatible with gabz maps and the carwash forum drive, otherwise you just have to open this file on codewalker and go to the occlusions and edit according to your needs

Which DLC do you use in Codewalker?

You Are Great ! Thanks friend :heart: :+1:

thx i love it !

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the last dlc

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Great job, love the parking in front


nice map can u maybe add a big ass gate at front and around bunny’s would make it better

He give us such a great project building , and you ask for a big gate :slight_smile: better a Benny’s building then a gate bro :slight_smile: :v: :heart:

I was saying would look nice if there was a bennys gate at front and fence going all away around building so players who own it can lock the gate

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Yo Alas where I play we don’t necessarily need it my as quoted a little above the files are open and can therefore be modified, my I take your remark into account maybe for a v3 one day

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Ok thanks good work tho

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Hey Link59, When we load up the Bennys while in the area the City dissapears, we have tried the occlusion file which worked for a short time before going back to dissapearing

do you have to have a certain name for it to work (folder name)

Hum check if you have no conflit with other map in your files