[MLO Interior] Strokemasters Mech Shop [Paid]

Video: https://youtu.be/rTzPZ9JA1Eg

With great pleasure, LBC presents to you. Strokemasters Mech Shop, located North of the Vespucci Pier. This project has been an ongoing project for the last year, and it was definetly worth the wait! Fitted with tons of custom props, cool features, and a even a Holiday Theme!


  • Animated props
  • Dynamic radio audio
  • Customizable Safe IPL
  • Exterior Overhaul




i think you’ve posted the wrong video :slight_smile:

MLO looks sick tho - great work!

wrong vid lol

nice but idk about 110

Video link is still incorrect, it is incorrect even in your Tebex store (along with other links you have in other packages). This one looks really good, I´ll wait for the right video to see if this could be a good addition to my server for sure.

Video has be swapped, was a long day yesterday LOL

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80 usd dam. Its looks nice and all but dammm

this is way clean, players super happy with the detail and layout! Thanks!

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Check back closer to Christmas for a sale :wink:

nice it is gg

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need to fix lights inside when u look in from outside with vehicle say on dyno so camera doesn’t fit it makes it so bright u can’t see the car

Updated 02/27/2022