MLO ideas?

Do you have general ideas for new MLOs? if so bring it on

Nobody seems to really do any MLOs for grapeseed, or Paleto Bay, or any MLOs in the forest or anything.

I’d love to see an actual radio studio MLO. I’ve searched a lot for it but it doesn’t seem to exist.
Maybe that one Radio Head MLO, but it breaks my map and its not really a radio studio.

Examples radio studios:

And it would be really great to not have a 3d name but just signs or something with changable textures so people could just put their own radio logo in it.

And also, this was the place i thought would be perfect for a radio studio:

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Good Idea

Paleto Bay, I feel that their is not a lot of love going out to Paleto Bay.

location for forest ? and for Paleto Bay