[MLO][FREE] Sandy Shores Fire Station

Hello everyone, I am back with another free resource that I have not really seen made and posted on the forum, a free Sandy Shores Fire Station, finally a station that people don’t have to hand over an arm and a leg for. Big thanks to the community for all the support on this project.

Bug Fix 7/11/22: Invisible collision next to garage, download update from github
Bug Fix 10/7/22: Fixed station not showing up at all, download update from github

1 Bay
1 Kitchen
1 TV / Hangout Area
2 Desks
1 Outside Area With 1 Table, 1 BBQ, 5 Chairs
Custom Textured Exterior
Cleaned Up Exterior

Sandy Shores Fire Station

It shows dust inside the interior in the Preview but that is just rockstar editor


nice bro :slight_smile:


For sure gonna use this, this is exactly what I was wanting. Not a giant modern blocky building in sandy like all the other Fire Houses.


Thanks, When I get some time I will release a V2 with an interior for the back garage and some more things

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It’s broke for me.

if you could give a little more information on the problem you are having that would be great

Oh there are no doors, floor in the tv/ktchen area, the bay door is non existent. I installed and re-installed many times.

Is everything being streamed right and have you edited and of the files?

I also just cleared my server cache and did a fresh install from github and it works fine for me

I didn’t edit any of the files and it is streaming right

The map works fine for me, it could be that your PC is trying to load the props in so there currently not visable

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yeah, I have not gotten any other complaints about it not working

Thanks for the free release fam :pray:

always like to give back to the community :smiley:

should be fixed with new update, sorry for the wait

great job, free! If you notice a lot when people do what you like, this is a clear example. You are very good Otto.

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5/5 one of the best map creators out there… I wanted to get a couple things customized on the map, which were a bit hard for me… and Otto did it, very quickly and respectfully… What an absolute legend!! Definitely use this map guys!! Especially if it is made by Otooerich :slight_smile:

Good work!:+1: I would love too see free Davis & Paleto stations too. :pray:

Nice badge! Where can i find it

Realy good work. Thank you!