[MLO][FREE] Paleto Bay Fire Station

Hello everyone,

I am back again with another free release that I have not seen anyone make free. This station has many features and the exterior has been edited to remove the flower bed’s and a little car port.
Important! In Order for the NPC’s Not to Spawn Floating you need to use this resource and go to my stream file and take cluckin_bell.ymt and replace it in the scenario resource stream folder

Collision Fix 4/11/23, download update from github
Collision Fix 7/21/21, download update from github or replace current collision files with new


Drive through bay
Dispatch Room On 2nd Floor
Changing Room
Office Looking Into Bay
Reception In Front
Car Port
Extra Parking


Sicko release! Any plans for a Sandy FD with a bay(s)? Doesn’t have to be extremely advanced, but looking for a simple one for my community for a while.

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Awesome stuff :slight_smile:

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Love this keep it up!!!

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Thank you for all the positive feedback! :heart:

Thanks so much for putting your time and effort into this. It’s very much appreciated!!


Will you make a singleplayer version ?

All the files are public so anyone is free to convert it to single player, I would I just don’t know how to

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tanks you bro !