[MLO] Cyber bar + script

same problem. did u find any fix?

i cant enter Cyber Bar anyone can fix this problem? the doors are open but i cant enter it :frowning:

Normally that would be because you have another map that has a collision set in that place. Might want to check which ones you have and disable them one by one to find the one with this issue.

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That would be in the server.cfg just by commenting out the lines where you start the map resources, disable custom maps you have started and just try going into the bar after disabling them all and leaving only the bar, then start maps one by one and try again, you’ll be able to figure out which one has a collission there as you won’t be able to enter the bar after starting the one that is causing you issues. A notable map around that place which adds unexpected collisions is the hotdog stand, for example.

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