[MLO] Carzone Workshop

Hi! Coming with new workshop release!

Interior has multiple work spots, up stairs with a little office with counter and chill room.

File size- 11.7mb
Polygons count- ~45k
Location (-557 -930 23)

Preview- link
Tebex- link

Hope u will ike it :>


It looks good on the inside, good work but just a bad building to use. So many garage style buildings in gta5 and you pick the news station smh

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Redline Performance is in the same building. Think he may got inspired by this.

I love the Design with the boxes and the stylish neon light!
Good work! :slight_smile:
I think the price is just a bit to high.
I wouldn’t pay more than 35$ for this.

This was made specially for server. They had really bad performance with workshop in the same place so they asked me to make them one

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wanna buy?

you want to sell it to me or what?