[MLO] Bolingbroke Penitentiary Cell Block

Bolingbroke Penitentiary Prison Cell Block

  • Enterable interior
  • 27 Prison cells
  • Main prison area
  • Gym area
  • Recreational room
  • Entrance hall

Interior Location

  • x= 1753.04
  • y= 2504.28
  • z= 45.57

Interior file size

  • 10.8 mb

Video Showcase: Youtube
Purchase here: Tebex Store (15 Euro + Tebex tax)


Dope release homie <3

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It would be awesome if you had a video preview. The pictures look dope but the video preview would convince me and others

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Now that is sick! Great release! +1

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Awesome work! Runs smooth, cant wait for future projects, keep it up!

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I love the maximum security doors! I hope you’ll be making a lobby and cafeteria too!

is this just the cell block? if so in the future do you ever plan on making a reception/visitation area? alot of rp servers are lacking in that part and i imagine alot of people would be interested

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This is currently just the cell block. I am planning on doing an reception/visitors area, cafeteria and a infirmary. I’m currently working on the infirmary. There could also be more, but these are the ones that are decided for now.

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This interior is amazing dude! nice job, very well optimized as well. cant wait for the infirmary :slight_smile:

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Stop being so good…Now I hate my interior :frowning:


Great job!

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have you finished the infirmary yet??

are you able to go inside of cells?

Yes ofc you can go inside all the cells

for some reason when i teleport to cords, no interior shows, just me and inmates in prison yard, tried all doors wouldnt let me through any, help?

Do you have any other prison interiors loaded in that area?

naw i dont

At these coords there is a door you can enter and go into the prison cell block

it is, i just tried it again and realized it spawned me facing the yard so i ran up to every door i seen not thinking to turn around first, great mod looking forward to getting the ones youre making. is there a way to add more prisoners? they are only in the workout cage outside and thats it